Environmentally Friendly



Environmentally conscious Antebies products
are produced with the softest GOTS certified organic cotton,
all our products are GOTS certified organic.




In order to present organic goods a brand has to have international certifications and
should be inspected regularly to meet world-wide recognized requirements.
The aim of GOTS certification is providing a transparent and reliable assurance to the
end customers by auditing the full process of production from harvesting raw materials
to environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing.
With the GOTS certification products are accepted and acknowledged in all markets around the world.
GOTS certified Antebies products are free of toxic chemicals; they reduce the risk allergies and
protect the skin and health of your little ones.
You can find the GOTS certification of your Antebies products on the paper hangtags
and the CU numbers and the care labels.







For more information about certificates please contact us at hello@antebies.com